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Concerts and Theatre plays:

Our aim is to give the laryngectomy voice a place on stage. We arrange concerts and performances, as well as theatre and opera trips, to help people to explore their voice and communication after laryngectomy.

Have a peak of upcoming events and a read and perhaps a listen in our archive of previous events and activities

Through workshops and performances of our laryngectomy choir we focus on rebuilding lost confidence through challenging perceptions and redefining the boundaries of ability. We inspire others to find their own resilience.

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World Choir Games 31 Oct 2021

Shout at Cancer performed a ceremony concert at the World Choir Games 2021 (aka The Olympics for Choirs) at De Bijloke concert hall in Ghent, Belgium.

In collaboration with Die Verdammte Spielerei, Reeps One, Philip Clemo, Samowar, Sam Onclin (Sign Language), Tineke Van Ingelgem, Sing2Help, Brain Odysseys (Rosetta Life), The Garsington Opera Adult Company and the boys choir Cantate Domino. 

Festival of New 11 Sep 2021

A verbatim Opera at Snape Maltings by Hannah Conway (composer) and Hazel Gould (Libretto) a public engagement translation of the research project Robovox (implantable larynx) by Birchall's team (UCL and Bristol University) sponsored by Snape Maltings, UCL and Arts Council.

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Postponed to 2022(Covid 19)

A top concert with the Award winning Jazz singer Zara McFarlane and the Peter Edwards Trio in the Bloomsbury Theatre, London, proudly supported by UCL Culture: Tickets here

March 2021 Speak Out


Speak Out, creative interaction with healthcare professionals, exploring the impact of voice in provision of care and specifically designed microphones for the laryngectomy community in progress, helping our choir sing during Covid times.

Special thanks to:

The National Lottery Community Fund, SoundVoice

Lancashire Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

Prof David Young (University Dundee) and

Prof David Howard (University Holloway)

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5 Mar 2021 UCL Podcasts


Evangelos Himonides Professor of Technology, Education and Music, UCL Institute of Education, talks about our Experimentation Award in the Provost’s Public Engagement Awards 2020. The championed engagement practices by contributing as a music education expert in improving the voice after laryngectomy. The project empowered the people and local youth in finding their voice. (Go to minute 02.18)

22 Feb 2021 Hong Kong Baptist University - Arts Faculty


Evangelos Himonides Professor of Technology, Education and Music, UCL Institute of Education, talks about our Experimentation Award in the Provost’s Public Engagement Awards 2020. The championed engagement practices by contributing as a music education expert in improving the voice after laryngectomy. The project empowered the people and local youth in finding their voice. (Go to minute 02.18)


World Cancer Day 4 Feb 2021  


"From Silence into Song" our project that links the healing and destructive power of radiation, read more,

was launched on world cancer day with a poem recited by Andrew Pett, accompanied by sound scapes by Philip Clemo and a mesmerizing improvisation by Emily Burridge at the cello.

Suncoast XIII, University of South Florida, 27-30 Jan 2021   

Dr Moors and Prof Himonides presented a key talk about the charity's progress at this international conference for music education, attended by the world leading experts in this academical field.

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Opening Ceremony BACO international 10 Jan 2021   

BACO International is ENT UK’s flagship conference, the UK’s largest and most influential ENT-related academic event, now embracing a brand-new format as the very first virtual BACO.

An honor to have us part of the opening ceremony.

BBC 1 Breakfast,  6 Jan 2021

We are proud with the coverage on BBC Breakfast,

the song is part of A Sound Voice, an opera about voice loss and the impact on identity (inclusion of Parkinson, laryngectomy and MND participants) (funded by UCL, Arts Council, Britten Pears and Shout at Cancer)


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Talent Unlocked Dec 2020   

In a time of a global pandemic, when all theatres and entertainment venues have been locked down, the biggest and possibly only arts festival ever staged for England’s prisons is being launched with arts professionals, former and current residents of HMPs in England, and students and staff from De Montfort University (DMU), lead by Dr Jacqui Norton (pic).


Our participation with Dr Himonides UCL/IOE will be screened by Wayout TV, an in-cell TV channel for communication and education in prisons, across 50 establishments in England, aiming to reach potentially 37,000 residents.


Community Fund, Sep 2020

We were granted the community fund grant for our project: Speak Out, aiming to help overcome physical distancing rules induced by Covid-19  and the impact on social isolation for our beloved laryngectomy community.

Sound Voice Nov 2020


Our Collaboration with Sound Voice, an opera about voice loss and impact on identity, has resulted in the translation of Sara's poem into a song by composer Hannah Conway.

Eating The Gap, Nov 2020


Mouthwatering Chocolates: Our taste for innovation and collaboration with The Chocolate Line, world renowned chocolate specialists, and Food Pairing, pioneers in food science, was represented on the international food festival: Eating The Gap.

BBC Radio 3 Sound Voice nov 2020.png

BBC Radio 3, Music Matters

7 Nov 2020 

Sound Voice spoke on BBC Radio 3 about "A Sound Voice": an opera about the impact of voice loss/change on identity. 


A project funded by UCL, Arts Council England and Shout at Cancer, in partnership with Britten Pears and with many others who are  contributing support in kind (Atos, Cereproc, MND Association, Sing for Joy...) Composer: Hannah Conway, Creative Writer: Hazel Gould and Producer: Katherine Wilde. 

Listen from 27'05" to 33'28"

UCL Provost's Award for Public Engagement, Oct 2020


We won the award for Experimentation, Beatboxing after laryngectomy, a project in collaboration with Prof Evangelos Himonides

winner Nashville Film Festival.jpg

Nashville Film Festival: 

Audience Award, Oct 2020

The film, Can you hear my voice, by Bill Brummell, that tells the story of Shout at Cancer, was awarded the audience award at the international film festival of Nashville.

National Radio Austria, Ö1,

30 Sep  2020


our Konnakol: Indian Rhythm Language was on the national radio in Austria after the host, Albert Hosp, picked the story up and wanted to interview our collaborator Bernard Schimpelsberger about this uplifting project that happened during Covid times. Click to listen to the radio show (in German)


Konnakol Poem-Song, Aug 2020


Konnakol is an ancient Indian rhythm language, we used its playful combinations of vowels and consonants to design new workshops to explore practising and improving articulation during lockdown.

Have a taste of our project with Bernard Schimpelsberger, percussionist, composer and producer.

BBC 4, PM, The Power of Trees, 9 Aug 2020

A collaboration with Philip Clemo celebrating life-affirming stories of survival shaped by the powerful legacy of radiation.

This project will manifest as live musical performances, large-scale video installations and workshops: listen to our story covered on BBC Radio 4 start at 26'33"

BBC Radio 4 Japan Project.jpg

19 Mar 2020

Our collaboration with Dr. Evangelos Himonides (Institute of Education, UCL) on Russian Kultura TV part of the UK-Russia Year of Music programme, conducted by the British Embassy in Moscow with support from the British Council

BBC World, Outlook, 08 Mar 2020

The story about the start of the choir and the charity, the making of the film: Can You Hear My Voice, interviews with members of the choir (Sara, Ian,..), Dr Moors and Bill Brummel. Listen here

BBC Outlook part 1.jpg
BBC Outlook part 2.jpg

02 Feb 2020

The World Premiere of "Can you hear my voice?" by award winning movie director Bill Brummel, his first movie after his laryngectomy.

A fantastic and unforgetable moment:

our red carpet premiere (Sponsored event by Atos Medical: Watch the video

BBC World, Outlook, 01 Mar 2020

The story about the start of the choir and the charity, the making of the film: Can You Hear My Voice, interviews with members of the choir (Sara, Ian,..), Dr Moors and Bill Brummel. Listen here

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Sac Santa St Pauls street.jpg

04 Dec 2019

Santa in the City Run, London, together with a group of 17 brave Shout at Cancer Volunteers we ran Santa in the City of London in the freezing cold. The group has raised quite some support (around 4000 GBP)!

04 Dec 2019

UCL Giving Voice Society in collaboration with the UCL Gospel Society and UCL BSL (British Sign Language) Society, to get us all into the festive spirit with some Christmassy songs, in a way that is accessible for people with speech, language and communication needs, with a warm welcome to the special guest choir: Shout At Cancer

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8 Oct 2019

Dr Evangelos Himonides, Dr Thomas Moors and Tony Smith Key Note Speakers at Performance Health by UCL Culture at Bloomsbury Theatre.

13 Nov 2019

Preview of "Can You Hear My Voice?

Directed by Bill Brummel, screening at

The New Museum in New York by

THANC Foundation and ATOS Medical 

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ENT UK Sept 13 2019.jpg

13 September 2019

National ENT UK conference 

Grand Connaught Room London

7 July 2019

Big thanks to Andrew Burnes and his friends, they raised over 1000£ for Shout with their bike ride.

UCL Culture.jpg

July 2019

Together with Dr Evangelos Himonides UCL Shout at Cancer receives the prestigious Performance Lab Seed Fund, UCL Culture, have a read here

9 June 2019 

Big thanks to Dr. Elliot Haines, he raised 400 £ for Shout with his participation in a triathlon.

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Elliot Haines pic.jpg

6 May 2019

Shout at Cancer  featured on the front page of BBC National News.

6 May 2019

Shout at Cancer  featured on

"the magazine of health",

on the French National TV SHOW 5

3 May 2019, Aalst Belgium

The Belgian choir received a standing ovation by over 1000 people for their first concert. Composition Maarten Van Ingelgem, Conducted by Andries De Winter

28 April 2019, 14h00-16h15

Blue Coat School Way Hall - Sonning

UK Tour Outspoken Jazz

BBC Berkshire News Item 27 April

6 April 2019, 14h00-16h00

Landmark Preston

UK Tour Outspoken Jazz

BBC North West News Item 6 April


2 March 2018, 14h00-15h30

Paisley Abbey, Paisley

UK Tour Outspoken Jazz

30 October 2018, 19h-21h

The Tabernacle, Nothing Hill

Shout at Cancer, The Peter Edwards Trio, Bruce Sherfield (Spoken Word ) Die Verdammte Spielerei (Belgian saxophone band and stand-up comedian) in concert with Hanne Roos (soprano) and Marc Masson (piano): "We've Found our Voice".

29 October 2018, 19h-21h

The Tabernacle, Nothing Hill

Die Verdammte Spielerei (Belgian saxophone band and stand-up comedian) in concert with Hanne Roos (soprano) and Marc Masson (piano): "Classical music with a pinch of salt".

7 September 2018, 19h30-21h15

The Cockpit Theatre

Jazz with integrated spoken word, recited live without a voice box.
Shout at Cancer and Peter Edwards Trio proudly present a world premiere event: Outspoken Jazz, in collaboration with Peter Johnson (The Repeat Beat Poet) and Bruce Sherfield (spoken word) featuring La Verne Williams (Soprano)

city event.jpg
city university.png

27 April 2018, 18h00-19h15

City University London:

Speech Therapy Student Union Event

Music and Debate: life after Laryngectomy

23 March 2018, 11h00-12h15


Dr D. Maraschin and Dr T. Moors - Shout at Cancer


9 December 2017, 18h15-19h30

Global Health Film Festival

Barbican, London.

14 October 2017, 14h30-16h00, in The Lydia & Manfred Gorvy Lecture Theatre, V&A, London.

Hospital Passion Play, part of the Exhibition: “Opera: Passion, Power and Politics.

Together with UK’s only Stroke Choir and the Garsington Opera Community Choir, we will sing a composition by Orlando Gough on a libretto by Lucinda Garrett and Chris Lawrence, directed by Karen Gillingham. Tickets

3 August 2017, 18h-19h Aula of the University Ghent, Belgium:

Concert to celebrate 25 years of the European Society for Cognitive Sciences Of Music (ESCOM)

4 August 2017, 16h-17h,

Theater aan Zee Festival - Ostend, Belgium.

24 June 2017

Shout at Cancer on BBC II!



8 june 2017, 19h-20h Wellcome Collection: "Thinking out of the Voice Box, a celebration of life after Laryngectomy."

credit picture: Thomas S.G. Farnetti, Wellcome Foundation

8th April 2017 4-5 pm

Beat Boxing without a voice box,

World Premiere, sponsored by UCL Culture and Atos Medical

Shout at Cancer and UCL proudly announce the FREE event, featuring MarvRadio (Beatboxer, see picture), La Verne Williams (Opera Singer) and our participants who had Laryngectomy. We will be performing together with a number of young people from East London.

4th February 2017

Together with Dr Kalra and Dr Dang both GP's with special interest in Yoga techniques and in collaboration with our visitor from India, Mr Shrenik Shah, who had a laryngectomy and is experienced in yoga, shout at cancer is developing specific yoga sessions for after laryngectomy.

7th December 2016

Watch the BBC news broadcast that featured our Christmas concert... what a story! 

Andrew Beaumont and La Verne Williams are guest in the Studios of BBC Norwich.

November 2016 

We won The Lancet Prize for best pitch at the Global Health Film Festival 2016 at the Barbican London

5th October 2016

Cutting Edge, BLA, Royal College of Surgeons of England, London

Click to see the link to the documentary made by Associated Press (AP)

7 September 2016

The Guardian Videos


Everyone in this choir lost their voice to cancer, but they've trained themselves to sing again. Now they’ve recorded a song with charity Shout at Cancer in tribute to Paralympians and how hard they work to get where they are.

5 July 2016 

Belgian Embassy in London.

The team and group members are very grateful for the invitation by Mr Guy Trouveroy, the Belgian Embassador in London. A conference explaining the Charity’s vision and achievements combined with musical tasters provided by its very own laryngectomy patient choir performing with the male voice quintet CTS and Soprano La Verne Williams, accompanied by pianist Marc Masson.

7th of February 2016

We thank the 14 brave ones who faced the cold and the hills during the half marathon in Watford, in memory of Nicholas Whitfield. They have raised £1594, money that will be used to continue the sessions in London, Cambridge, Preston and start a group in St Georges University Hospital Tooting. Thank you all for the support that keeps us going! Here are some lovely pics from the start to the finish, and a well deserved cheers! CONTACT US if you want to raise money for us.


November 2015

The Mikado, Gilbert and Sullivan 

It was an amazing spectacle at the English National Opera: beautiful choreography, wonderful voices and hilarious lyrics. Our group members just loved the performance, a warm thanks to the ENO for their support.

15th of November 2015

Emmanuel Church, West Hampstead

We were lucky, the whole audience of 320 gave us a standing ovation. The programme offered a variety of a capella work and a repertoire accompanied by piano (Williams, Agricola, Byrd, Stark, Barnum,..) together with the CTS-choir and the performances of both La Verne Williams and Marc Masson: Morgen, Strauss, Il est bon-Il est doux, Herodiade, Massenet) and Estampes, Debussy.

Sponsored by Mr and Mrs Rudy De Meerleer

10th of October 2015,

Christ College Chapel Cambridge

We could not hope for a more intimate and beautiful venue to perform our very first concert. UK's first alaryngeal voice choir, put its first steps on stage, together with the CTS choir, Laverne Williams (Soprane) and Marc Masson (Pianist). Thanks for the warm welcome and support Christ College Cambridge University.

Family day Shout at Cancer 29 August 2015:
Picnic in the Park

We had an amazing fun day open to all laryngectomy patients, their family and friends.
We did a workshop to demonstate how breathing, singing and acting techniques can help improve your voice quality.

Several songs together with the group and the lovely voice of Laverne Williams.

Acting Exercise: pretend to be drunk

Acting Exercise: pretend to be drunk

Act as if everyone is drunk after a wedding party!

Acting Exercise: a drunk walk home

Acting Exercise: a drunk walk home

Acting Exercise: Goal!!

Acting Exercise: Goal!!

Pretend we are at a football match, the final, and your team scores the winning goal in the last 5 min of the game.

Lizz, speech therapist, in action!

Lizz, speech therapist, in action!

Explaining how to make the vowels sound more clear.

singing together

singing together

Laverne's Expertise in action

Laverne's Expertise in action

Pitch Range Exercises

Pitch Range Exercises

Everyone including the tree is listening carefully to the explanation of Laverne, the Opera Singer.

Breathing exercises

Breathing exercises

How to use the bases of the lungs.

Alan concentrated on breathing

Alan concentrated on breathing

Acting Exercise: Hooligans United

Acting Exercise: Hooligans United

Annie and Laverne showing us how to act like real hooligans.

Acting Exercise: Hooligans at action

Acting Exercise: Hooligans at action

Hooligans reacting to a dirty fault on their favorite player!!

Acting Exercise: extreme sadness

Acting Exercise: extreme sadness

Challenging exercise: Act as if you are at the funeral of a best friend.

Thomas conducting

Thomas conducting

Annie and Maggie Singing along

Annie and Maggie Singing along

Lavernes Pitch exploration exercise

Lavernes Pitch exploration exercise

Introduction Game: Who am I?

Introduction Game: Who am I?

The game explained by Annie: in brief guess the name of the famous person written on sticker and stuck on your back. You can only use closed questions.

Raffle by Mary and Dave

Raffle by Mary and Dave

BBC 4, Saturday Live,

8 August 2015 


Wonderful appearance of both group member Annie Humphries and Dr Thomas Moors. What a fantastic experience, a reward for all of our hard work!

Real life but not as you know it. Radio 4's Saturday morning show brings you extraordinary stories and remarkable people. Listen to the show!


May 2015

Carmen, Bizet at the English National Opera

We prepared the group members to go and see this masterpiece: the story was explained and a musical introduction provided by our Opera singers. We also did vocal exercises on the lyrics and most beautiful melodies. They were looking forward to it, and for some their first opera, they all loved itand were extremely enthousiastic about it. Thanks to the support of the ENO. 

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