Meet the team

Lucie Davienne


A passionate singing coach and former opera singer, Lucie contributes her extensive skills and experience in international voice practices and techniques.




Lizz Summers


An experienced speech & language therapist and post-graduate researcher, exploring the impact of laryngectomy on communication and daily life, Lizz brings specialist knowledge of laryngectomy to the team. Lizz lectures at the City University in London.



La Verne Williams


An internationally renowned opera singer, La Verne, voice consultant, is recognised for her depth of knowledge, experience and input in our voice rehabilitation programme.




"Together we
  shout louder"
Sally Rogers
An experienced Speech and Language therapist, who is sharing her enthusiasm and wisdom with us and the group members.
Louise Stevens
Louise is the leading Head and Neck speech therapist in the Royal Preston Hospital, and has a passion for music, playing the clarinet. 

Mr Sanjeev Silva

Consultant ENT/Head and Neck Surgeon.

Sanjeev, one of the founding members of Shout at Cancer, is passionate about music and known for his warm and empathetic approach to patients.




Dr Thomas Moors


A Doctor with a special interest in voice pathology, Thomas is the director, medical lead and research coordinator of Shout At Cancer and joins his medical expertise with his experience in the Belgian Boys Choir to bring together health care and the arts.




Sylvie S. Lui

Sylvie is a Chinese-Canadian actor and voice coach currently based in London, UK. Her specialisations are in vocal performance, effective communication, breath/muscular release, alignment and accent shifting/softening.

Dr. Donatella Maraschin, Senior Lecturer

London Southbank University,

Division of Creative Technologies School

of Arts and Creative Industries,

Dr Evangelos Himonides FBCS CITP
Reader in Technology, Education, and Music
University College London


Mr J. De Carpentier


ENT Surgeon, 

Head of Department
Royal Preston Hospital


Mr Jeremy  Wight


Architect and Director of Brod-Wight architects 

Prof D. Young

University of Dundee

Biomedical Engineering

We are proud on our collaborative partners

The British Laryngological Association (BLA) is a membership society which aims to achieve advancement in laryngology for the benefit of the public through research, education and training. The BLA promotes all medical, surgical and rehabilitative aspects of laryngology and holds meetings at which those interested in laryngology are able to meet, discuss clinical practice and present clinical and basic scientific research.   


The BLA takes an overall interest in the development of laryngology (the management of airway, voice, swallowing disorders, including related sciences and health promotion) in Great Britain. Special reference is given to the needs of those in training and the public at large. The BLA also provides advice on laryngology to ENT-UK, the Department of Health and other organisations and scientific bodies.

The BLA is allied to ENT-UK which is the professional association for British Ear, Nose and Throat Surgeons and other related professionals.

Registered charity England and Wales (1151517)

Shout at Cancer brought to you with support of the General Representation of the Government of Flanders in the United Kingdom

Former Members

We thank: Mr Augustin Deledalle for his role as a trustee from August 2015 - March 2018 and his contribution to our foundation.

                   Mr H. Akram (director of the Hampstead Academy of Acting and Drama) for his contribution to the foundation of the charity.

                   He resigned his position as co-director and trustee in April 2016.


Shout at Cancer registered charity number: 1163063

Company Limited by Guarantee, registered in England number: 09555249

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