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Shout at Cancer,

world's only charity specialised in speech training with music 

after laryngectomy, the surgical removal of the voice box, 

following throat cancer.

“From having NO VOICE, just silent cries,

I now speak again and sing in a choir”

Acting, singing and public performances form our unique road to recovery.

Through these activities we focus on rehabilitation and rebuilding lost confidence through challenging perceptions and redefining the boundaries of ability.

We want to give back a voice that has been taken away.

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FROM SILENCE INTO SONG: celebrations of survival shaped by the powerful legacy of radiation

75 years on from Hiroshima & Nagasaki, we're celebrating life-affirming stories shaped by radiation's powerful legacy, from trees that survived the bombs to a choir of cancer survivors, treated by radiotherapy, who lost their voices & learnt to sing. Find out more

Shout at Cancer registered charity number: 1163063

Company Limited by Guarantee, registered in England number: 09555249

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