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Dedicated to supporting people after laryngectomy, the surgical removal of the voice box.

World's only charity specialised in speech training with music after laryngectomy: breathing, singing, acting and beatbox exercises form our unique road to recovery.

Through workshops and performances of our laryngectomy choir we focus on rebuilding lost confidence through challenging perceptions and redefining the boundaries of ability. We inspire others to find their own resilience....

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We are representing a small, widespread and overlooked community dealing with a negative perception in our society. By uniting their new voice in song and storytelling we invite people to listen, understand and join us to help make a difference in quality of life after laryngectomy.

Smell and taste changes in combination with swallowing difficulties after laryngectomy are well known, but little has been done about it. Enjoying your food, however, has positive psychological and social aspects that affect a healthy lifestyle and quality of life. We are therefore working with a company Foodpairing to analyse personal food preferences after laryngectomy and to suggest (sometimes unusual) combinations in ingredients.


You can help

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