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Challenges and Events

If you feel up for a challenge and want to raise money whilst achieving your goal, or if you have an idea to participate in or organise a fundraising event, feel free to contact us!

Concerts and Theatre plays


Our aim is to give the laryngectomy voice a place on stage. We arrange concerts and performances, as well as theatre and opera trips, to help people to explore their voice and communication after laryngectomy.


For more details, see our upcoming events



We have organised a panel discussion with interdisciplenary specialists from different universities (UCL, IOE, London Southbank University, Guildhal School of Music, Royal Academy of Music, Birkbeck,... ) to discuss the integration of art in voice rehabilitation and social reintegration after laryngectomy.

Currently we are preparing the PhD of Dr Thomas Moors under Supervision of Prof Hisham Mehanna and Mr Declan Costello University of Birmingham.


Our speech & language Therapist, Lizz Summers has completed her Research Masters at City University London, exploring the every day communication experiences of people after laryngectomy who use a valve.

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