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Singing techniques improve your pitch range, voice projection and resonance. Music is powerful and its uplifting effect can lead to a wonderful result.

Take this Waltz,

Leonard Cohen,

Sung by Joe

Somewhere over the Rainbow,

Harold Arlen,

extract from the concert

Shout (Tears for Fears)

Let's get Loud (Jennifer Lopez)

extract from the concert

Turtle Dove,

Vaughan Williams,

extract from the concert

Something different

Rainbow Remix

Jochem Peterson

DJ Jochem Peterson and Skyentist
Taster from our concerts:
West Hampstead 15th Nov 2015 - Emmanuel Church
West Hampstead 5th July 2016 - Belgian Embassy London
London 5th October 2016 - Royal College of Surgeons
Click to see the link to the documentary made by Associated Press (AP)
Norwich 7th December 2016 - St Stephen's Church
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