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 Why breathing exercises?


Breathing is essential for good speech quality, however often not enough attention is paid to it.


We know that the breathing system is affected by a laryngectomy, and more breath is needed to speak using a voice prosthesis (or valve).


We work on breathing techniques and improve volume, support and control of the voice, while reducing the need to pause for breath so often.





 Why Acting?


We focus on acting techniques to improve your body language and facial expression, as these are extremely important in communication.


Up to 86% of how we interact with each other is dependent on body language!

 Why Singing?


We introduce you to singing techniques to improve your pitch range, voice projection and resonance.These are beneficial both for singing, and for your everyday speaking voice.

Based on music of your choice, we explore your voice and help you to make use of the techniques in everyday life.



 Why On-line Workshop?


We are setting up workshops on-line, to allow participants with logistical difficulties to join in. During the time of quarantine, not a bad idea at all!


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